Sub-metering is a term used for installing individual meters behind the city meter. The sub-meters measure water usage in individual units.
Sub-Metering is a solution to manage water and sewer costs for homeowners’ associations by offering equitable distribution of cost. You are paying only for the water you use and not your neighbor’s laundry, car wash, toilet/faucet leaks, or excessive water use. Sub-Metering eliminates the residential water costs from the monthly homeowners dues which keeps homeowners dues low and improves property values. Residents pay their water/sewer bill just as they pay other utilities such as gas, electric, etc. Sub-Metering promotes water conservation. When residents are accountable for their water usage, they will conserve. Sub-Metering detects costly leaks. There is a red triangle on the face of the meter that moves when water is running through the meter. A leaky toilet can waste 50,000 gallons of water in 30 days!
California Sub-Meters will read the water meters, bill, and collect the money. A service fee is added to each individual water bill. All monies collected along with accounting reports are sent to your homeowners association who in turn pay the city water bill.
You will be billed at the same water/sewer rates and base fees as the association’s master bill.