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Welcome to
California Sub-Meters

Founded in 1991, our privately owned and operated company specializes in water sub-metering and water management solutions for multi-family communities. For over 30 years, we have supported hundreds of communities with an equitable distribution of their water and sewer costs. Our team at California Sub-Meters has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to best serve the unique needs of your community.

employee checking water meter

What Is Sub-Metering?

Sub-metering is the placement of individual meters behind the city master meters. These meters are installed on the water line that services each individual unit.

Why Sub-Meter?

Sub-meters track individual water consumption. Pay only for the water you use, not your neighbors. Due to increasing rates, water-wasting leaks, and excessive usage, water management has become a significant challenge. Sub-Metering is a solution to manage water and sewer costs by offering equitable distribution of costs along with the peace of mind.

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