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After installing Sub-Meters, the Association saved over 40% in water bills. Not only did this help conserve water, but the water district also took notice and appreciated all the efforts. Note, this was done 9 years ago and conservation is still going strong! The Board and management had the vision for water conservation even then!

Dawn B. - Property Manager CCAM

California Sub-Meters completed our sub-metering in the summer of 2007, and what a difference it has made to our Association! Each unit now has its own individual water meter and we have reduced our Association water/sewer bill by over 35% per month. Bi-monthly billing and meter reading is seamless and very user-friendly. In addition, residential water usage costs are fair and equitable now - those that use more, pay more. California Sub-Meters was professional, reliable, and a pleasure to work with.

Mike Y. - President Orleans East HOA

Great company to work with. Always organized and helpful. Our community had California Sub-Meters as our metering service YEARs ago. The former HOA board switched to a competitor which did NOT work out. New HOA team is now in place and thankfully made it right. We're now back with California Sub-Meters and couldn't be happier with the service and attention to detail that they provide.

CyberMoe S. - San Diego, CA

I received a courtesy call from Ron informing me that the pattern of water usage at my rental condo was highly indicative of a water leak of some kind. He explained the problem very clearly and told me some simple steps to try to diagnose the problem myself without calling in a plumber right away. I found the problem and the water bill would have been outrageous. I called back a month later to check on the water usage and water bill and Aixa did a fabulous job of explaining how the billing works in a sub-metered condo setting and gave me suggestions on how to monitor how much water had been used in the past month. I must say California Sub-Meters employs the nicest people. Customer service is first class!

Anne K. - San Diego, CA

California Sub-Meters is an awesome company with great employees who are proverbial professional and nice too! Last month Mike came by, to check the meter, said another one was needed and today he installed a new one after getting the approval on the installation order. He also arrived way before the 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM time frame! He installed the meter and was done in a matter of minutes! Thanks, Mike! Great job.

Wyatt E. - San Diego, CA

I would give this company 10 stars if I could. Pamela and Omeed are outstanding. You can always judge a company by how quickly they respond and also how they treat you prior to signing a contract. Omeed spent 1.5 hours walking me through everything and educating me on how submetering at the property I work for. I was blown away by the time, energy, and genuine efforts. Ultimately the property couldn't consider CA Sumbetering because they don't monitor both water & electric which we need. However, given their high attention to customer service and their experience you would be in great hands throughout your contract with these two. Even when we found out after the fact that we can't move forward they were still providing guidance to set me up for success. We need more businesses like this and genuine sales and customer service people. I'm so disappointed I won't be working with them. Omeed, thanks again for guiding me it was really helpful! I'll be referring other property managers to you without a doubt!

Megahn L. - San Diego, CA

The staff at California Sub-Meters are professional and courteous. They've gone out of their way to alert me when they detected an unusual increase in our water usage. They also gave me instructions on how to test for leaks and how to properly read my meter. I think it's important to give each customer the attention they need and deserve especially when there's a costly problem. Thank you Aixa and Robin for your patience and great customer service every time!

Gail Y.

I manage a property in the Eastlake area and need to get some help with a water meter replacement. I was lucky to have been helped by Pamela as I got amazing service and she helped me out with scheduling and prompt responses all the way around. I highly recommend California Sub-Meters, thank you!

Alexi R.

Water sub-metering is awesome. I moved into this condo complex six months ago and they use California Sub-meters water utility service. My bill was decreased by about 30%.
It's so much easier dealing with California Sub-Meters water utility service than it was with the San Diego water utility company. I don't have to wait forever on the phone and I don't have to jump through the phone maze options.
Custom services at California Sub-Meters have been great. I don't have to wait forever on the phone and I get to speak with a customer service rep right away. They are always professional and friendly.
Had I known there was water sub-metering services I would have sought out a condo complex that had it. Why don't all condo complexes use water sub-metering?

Paul P.

I've been working with California Sub-Meters for over 15 years and I am always impressed with the level of customer service they provide. The billing department was very helpful when I had previous issues and was able to waive the late fees. The new payment website is very easy to use.

Nick M.

Big difference between the San Diego water utility bill and sub-metering bill. Water sub-metering lowered my water bill by 27%. I don't have the hassles of dealing with the San Diego water utility company anymore.
Since California Sub-Meters has been my water utility company it has been much better. They have excellent customer service and fees breakdown is much more simple to understand.

Jacqueline T.

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