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  • Our meter readers are technically trained specialists

What is Sub-Metering?

Sub-metering is a term used for installing individual meters behind the city master meters. These meters are installed on each water line servicing the individual units. The water used is passed through the meter, which tracks the total water consumption for each unit.

Why Sub-Meter?

Water Management can become uncontrollable due to increasing rates, combined with water-wasting leaks and excessive usage. Sub-metering is a solution to manage water and sewer costs for homeowners’ associations by offering equitable distribution of cost along with peace of mind to residents. You are paying only for the water you use and not your neighbors’ usage. Residents pay their water and sewer bill just as they pay other utilities.


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As COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic evolves many businesses are being affected. San Diego has advised a public health order to eliminate gatherings of more than 10. We are minimizing physical contact through the following measures: all non-essential physical meetings have been postponed, and all methods of communication will be via phone, email, and conference calls.
At this time, our reception area is closed and will not be accepting walk-in payments to ensure the compliance and safety of our employees.
The following are alternate options for making a payment while the reception area is closed:

1) Log in to your account in the Resident Portal at www.calsubmeter.com and pay with Visa or MasterCard
2) Contact the Billing Specialist located on your statement via phone/e-mail or contact Customer Service at 1-(800)-203-8653. You may experience delays and longer than usual wait times.
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For issues other than payments, please contact the Billing Specialist if located on your statement or email our office at Support@calsubmeter.com

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California Sub-Meters Management Team

Water and sewage costs are growing at unprecedented rates. The price of wasting water is no longer something you can afford. It is time to change the equation. Recover your water and sewer costs now!

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California Sub-Meters can do just that and more. Your community can experience the advantages of our residential Sub-Metering and utility billing services. From start to finish, California Sub-Meters will simplify the entire process and work hard to earn our reputation as California’s premier Sub-Metering company. Sign up today and save money.

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In the past, multi-family communities had one master city water meter which would service all residents. The water and sewer costs were simply included in the monthly homeowners dues and divided equally among the residents. This worked well when water/sewer rates were a fraction of what they are today and possible future water shortages was not a concerning issue. Sub-Metering is a term used for installing individual meters behind the city master meter. Sub-Meters are the same type of meters the city uses to measure water usage.

Sub-Metering is a solution to manage water and sewer costs for homeowners’ associations by offering equitable distribution of cost. You are paying only for the water you use and not your neighbor’s laundry, car wash, toilet/faucet leaks, or excessive water use. Sub-Metering eliminates the residential water costs from the monthly homeowners’ dues which in turn can help to keep the dues dues low and improves property values. Residents pay their water/sewer bill just as they pay other utilities such as gas, electric, etc. Sub-Metering promotes water conservation. When residents are accountable for their water usage, they will conserve. Sub-Metering can detect costly leaks. There is a red triangle on the face of the meter that moves when water is running through the meter. A leaky toilet can waste 50,000 gallons of water in 30 days!
California Sub-Meters will read the individual water submeters, bill, and collect the money. A service fee is added to each individual water bill. All monies collected along with accounting reports are sent to your homeowners association who in turn pay the city water bill.
Residents will be billed at the same water/sewer rates and for the same services as the water department in your district is charging your community.