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What is Sub-Metering?

Sub-metering is the placement of individual meters behind the city master meters. These meters are installed on the water line that services each individual unit.

What are the benefits of Sub-Metering?

Sub-metering is a solution to manage water and sewer costs for Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) and Property Management companies by offering equitable distribution of the cost.

Residents only pay for the water they use and not their neighbor’s laundry, car wash, toilet/faucet leaks, or excessive water use.

  • Eliminates the residential water costs from the monthly homeowners’ dues. In turn, this can help to keep dues low and improves property values.
  • Residents pay their water/sewer bill just as they pay other utilities such as gas, electric, etc.
  • Promotes water conservation. When residents are accountable for their water usage, it encourages them to conserve.
  • Sub-meters can detect costly leaks.
How are you billed?

California Sub-Meters reads the individual water sub-meters, bills, and collects the money. A service fee is added to each individual water/sewer bill. All monies collected and accounting reports are sent to your homeowners’ association who, in turn, pays the city water bill. Residents are billed the same water, sewer, and other service rates that your city or district charges your community.

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