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We hire the absolute best and highly trained meter technicians in the business. Each billing period, our readers work hard to aquire accurate reads and ensure each meter is working properly so each homeowner is billed exactly for their usage and not a drop more.


Our group of trained billing representatives verify that every bill we send out is done in a timely, accurate and consistent basis. Billing is our business and we do it right the first time, every time. Have a question about your bill? Our customer service department has an account representative that is specially trained for your particular community.


In the Utility Billing industry, everything is dependent on collections. That is why we work hard to ensure that each and every homeowner pays their bill in a timely manner. We offer online payments, auto-pay as well as traditional payment methods in order to provide maximum amount of options for homeowners to pay their water bill. In addition, our collections department sends late notices and even makes phone calls when neccessary.

Water Submetering For Condos and HOA's

Would you like to know more about the benefits of submetering for Condominiums and HOA’s?

Our customers say...

After installing Sub-Meters, the Association saved over 40% in water bills. Not only did this help conserve water, but the water district also took notice and appreciated all the efforts. Note, this was done 9 years ago and conservation is still going strong! The Board and management had the vision for water conservation even then!”
Dawn Brady Property Manager CACM, CACM

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