CSM supplies California type approved and Department of Weights and Measures standard meters!

Manual Read Meters

These meters do not contain wired electronic parts and have been the go-to simple and effective meter for communities across the state.

Meter reads are retrieved by a direct visual from the face of the meter.

Encoder Meters

These meters are placed out-of-reach or eyesight and wired to a reading pad in an accessible area outside the unit.

Meter reads are retrieved quickly by placing the meter probe against the reading pad. This transmits the meter reading electronically and eliminates needing the meter available for a direct visual.

Wireless "Drive-By" Meters

These meters use ultrasonic measurement for precise accuracy and are made with smart alarms for leak detection, burst and tamper notification. This state-of-the art metering system is the perfect alternative to the complex radio read systems.  

Meter reads are retrieved electronically with an antenna and a laptop. This allows collection of the meter reads with a simple drive through the community instead of being read individually on-foot.  

Learn more about the meters here- Kamstrup

Wireless "Radio Read" Meters


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Our customers say...

“After installing Sub-Meters, the Association saved over 40% in water bills. Not only did this help conserve water, but the water district also took notice and appreciated all the efforts. Note, this was done 9 years ago and conservation is still going strong! The Board and management had the vision for water conservation even then!”
Dawn Brady Property Manager CACM, CACM

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